Something Blue By Cora June

How do we pay you?

I accept cash, check, or venmo. I hope to accept PayPal soon.

***I do accept tips, but would really love a positive review!

How late will you accept new events?

I will accept wedding planning up to three months before the date. For day of coordinating, I need at least a week heads up if the day is even open. It never hurts to ask! I can often find extra help to pick up your day in a pinch!

Will you travel?

Absolutely I will travel! If I'm flying, you will pay for my flight, a food allowance, and arrange for me to get to where I need to be from the airport. 

Why should I chose you?

Great question! I feel that my age gives me a unique and fresh insight on weddings that most wedding planners and coordinators don't have. I'm energetic, driven, and in love with love. I want everyone's wedding day to be the best day of their life!

After being around weddings so much these past couple years, I feel like I've experienced the good, bad, and awful of this industry. 

How will my wedding be unique?

Just like each person is special in their own way, so should every wedding. The wedding of your dreams is different than mine, and that is GREAT. All I ask is that you share your vision with me so I can capture it for you. Whether that's a Pinterest board, a few descriptive words, or just a few pictures you have saved to your phone, I will make it happen!